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Welcome to Micro

Learn the ins and outs of Micro and become a Micro services ninja!

Micro is an open source framework for API driven development.

The Micro Platform is Micro hosted as a service.


Too much time is being lost on walking the maze that is the CNCF landscape. Too much time is being lost to managing the complexity of cloud infrastructure. Developers need to get back to what matters, absolute productivity in the software they’re building. For us that means making backend developers super productive. If you’re writing Go based microservices in the Cloud, we’re here to help.

Our goal. Drastically simplify backend and API service development for the masses.

Features of the Platform

Key Features of the platform:

  • Micro as a Service: Firstly Micro comes fully managed for you so you don’t have to host it yourself or deal with the operations. We take the open source framework and run it in the cloud as a highly available offerring using best of breed technologies.

  • Connect from Anywhere: Because Micro is a cloud based service you can connect to it from anywhere, whether that’s your local machine or another cloud provider. Use the CLI to drive all the operations, query and interact from any environment using the http API or gRPC Proxy.

  • Source to Running: We believe developers should focus on writing code not managing infrastructure. That include’s the build pipeline, containers and kubernetes. We abstract away everything. Write your code, run it from local or a hosted git repo on github, gitlab or bitbucket.

Features of Micro

Because the Platform is Micro as a Service you get the following features on the platform:

  • Authentication: Auth whether its authentication or authorization is part of the system. Create JWT tokens, define access rules, use one system to govern everything in a simple and straight forward manner. Whether it’s for a user or a service.

  • Configuration: Dynamic config management allows you to store relevant config that needs to be updated without having to restart services. Throw API keys and business logic related configuration into the secure config service and let your services pick up the changes.

  • Key-Value Storage: We’re focused on best practices for microservices development which means keeping services mostly stateless. To do this we’re providing persistent storage on the platform. Key-Value allows you to rapidly write code and store data in the format you care about.

  • Event Streaming: Distributed systems are fundamentally in need of an event driven architecture to breakdown the tight dependencies between them. Using event streaming and pubsub allows you to publish and subscribe to relevant events async.

  • Service Discovery: Micro and Micro bake in service discovery so you can browse a directory of services to explore your service APIs and enable you to query services by name. Micro is all about microservices and multi-service development.

  • API Gateway: Finally there’s an API gateway that automatically exposes your services to the outside world over HTTP. Internally writing service to service using gRPC makes sense, but at the end of the day we want to build APIs consumed from clients via HTTP.

Learn More

Learn more about the Micro platform in the Concepts section or Get Started.

For the open source docs see

Get Started   Github   Website

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