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Invite Users

Here we outline how to invite other users to the Micro Platform, share namespaces and collaborate.

Invite to the Platform

Every user gets 5 invites to send to other users. These can either just be invites to the platform or additional users as part of your own subscription and billing e.g you share a namespace (when using the paid plan).

To invite users to the platform

micro invite user --email

Sharing a namespace

Sharing a namespace means adding additional users to your account. These users basically share your namespace and it allows you all to work together in one place.

To invite a user to your namespace

micro invite user --email --namespace $(micro user namespace)

Now they should go through signup as per normal

micro signup

The user should see the following print out during signup.

You have been invited to the 'splicing-earthlike-salvage' namespace.
Do you want to join it or create your own namespace? Please type "own" or "join": join

Now you both have the ability to work together.

Additional User Billing

In the case of additional users being added to your namespace, if you’re using the paid ‘platform’ environment these will be billed as extra users in your account and subscription.

Cross Namespace Collaboration

We’re working on a feature to unlock cross namespace collaboration where each user writes services in their own namespace but can call or share with others in different namespaces. This means you have total ownership or can even deploy in the other namespace if granted access.

Coming soon.

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